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Daleboot - Custom made Skiboots

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Sebastian Färber

Date of Birth:
23 June 1988
When did you start skiing?
In the age of 3
Bavarian Alps
Claim to fame?
Appearances in flicks by
What’s your style?
What’s cool to you about skiing?
The combination of sports, nature and the feeling of absolute freedom
What freaks you out?
Who’s your hero?
Don't really have one but if I had to name a ski hero I really look up to it would be Seth Morrison
What are your other hobbies?
All kinds of sports, mostly freeride mountain biking and climbing
Who’s on your iPod?
A lot of classic rock but also hip hop, some reggae and electronic music
Why DaleBoot?
Because these boots fit like a glove, are super light and got the most direct feel I've ever experienced.