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LJ Strenio

LJ grew up on the Right Side of the US and made his first tracks at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont at the age of 7. Soon after he was on the podium and a rippin' freesytler. While still in high school. LJ launched his flim career with Meathead and has been featured in several of their films; "Born from Ice", "Snow Gods", "Wanderland", "Wild Stallions", "Work it Out", "Head for the Hills", and "Prime Cut". In addition to his screen time with Meathead, LJ has also been featured in Poor Boys Production’s films "Revolver" and "Grand Bizarre". He's part of the Line Traveling Cricus and also films with SLC based 4B19 and Rage Films... IN 2011/2012, before being de-railed by a knee injury, LJ was traveling with the Level 1 crew and vying for a spot in the 2012 release of "Sunny". We'll see him with Level 1 in 2013 for certain...

LJ's competitive career is extensive.  His 2010 JOSS (John Olson Supper Sessions) video entry earned him a spot on the JOSS Team Newschoolers alongside X Games Gold medalist Gus Kentworthy and Matt Walker. His video entry to King of Style 2010 placed him in the five finalists to compete in King of style. Furthermore, Strenio won both the 3rd and 4th Rails to Riches rail jams held annually at Killington Resort in Vermont. He competed in the Dew Tour 2010-11 and 2011–12, and placed 3rd at WSI 2009 and 8th WSI 2011. Additionally, he competed in the Denver Big Air. In the Readers Poll Skier of the Year, LJ Strenio made it to the round of 16. His unique, upbeat style and attitude and technical tricks have given him a wide audience. LJ Strenio was nominated for best manmade air, and best jib in the annual 2012 Powder Magazine awards. He was on the front page of Europe’s Skiing Magazine.

We're stoked to LJ on the team and look forward to his input and involvement with future product design...