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Daleboot - Custom made Skiboots

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David Van Dame (aka: Farmer Dave)

Date of Birth:
September 1947
When did you start skiing?
At the age of 14 in Eastern Pennsylvannia
What's cool about skiing?
Floating in three dimensions down a steep powder field
What freaks you out?
Anybody that traverses untracked powder
Who's your hero?
The founders of Alta Ski Area (Salt Lake City, Utah - USA)
What are your other hobbies?
Kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and travel
What's on your iPod?
Classic Rock
What's your Claim to Fame?
Spooning tight, perfect powder lines run after run.  Accumulating large amounts of ice on my beard from hours of face shots.
What's your style?
Controlled skiing with smooth fluid movements.
Why do you ski on DaleBoot?
Mainly for performance and comfort.  They are light and can be used inbounds as well as with an AT setup for backcountry.  All of their parts are replaceable and they provide as much expert fitting as needed.  They are also very easy to put on and take off.