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Daleboot - Custom made Skiboots

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Dino Flatz

Date of Birth:
09 March 1993
When did you start skiing?
At 2 years old
What's your style?
Freeride, new school in Powder
What's cool to you about skiing?
The style, the people, the nature, the speed and you just can't get closer to flying than gliding down a hill in deep powder...
What freaks you out?
Champaigne pow, a nice skiing day with friends, parties and chicks...
Who's your hero?
Candide Tovex
What are your other hobbies?
Listening to music, biking, waterskiing, climbing and chilin'...
Who's on your iPod?
Hip Hop and Reggae
Why DaleBoot?
There doesn't exist a boot out there that fits as well as a DaleBoot.  They have technologies that make skiing way easier for you - I didn't even realize this until I first got out there on my Dales...  The company is run by a skier and skiers know what skier's need...

For more on Dino Flatz (and Florian Meiseleder) - the boys from Arlberg (Austria) - check out their main gig, Freeski/Freestyle in Lech: