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Daleboot - Custom made Skiboots

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Johannes "Joi" Hoffmann

Date of Birth:
28 July 1987
When did you start skiing?
At the age of 4
On the mountains around Innsbruck (Austria)
Claim to fame?
"Several first decents in the Alps.  Placed 5th and 7th at the Fieberbrunn Big Mountain Qualifications and 6th at the Nebelhorn Classic"
What’s your style?
"Freeride, Powder and Touring"
What’s cool to you about skiing?
"The total freedom while floating down a mountain at high speed"
What freaks you out?
"Bad snow conditions and getting injured"
Who’s your hero?
Shane McConkey (RIP)
What are your other hobbies?
"Mountains, Skate Boarding, a little Surfing, and my home-made Mountain-Downhill- Go Cart"
Who’s on your iPod?
"Pelican, MGMT, Ostinato, Manu Chao..."
Why DaleBoot?
"Because these boots fit perfectly.  They are light and the power transmission on the ski is the best I've ever experienced"