DaleBoot Riders...

Over the years DaleBoot has been actively involved in sponsoring both young and accomplished athletes.  Our approach at DaleBoot is just 'a bit' different from the other brands out there; from our custom design, its fit, performance, comfort, and through to the way we select our sponsored Riders.  We're far less corporate, don’t go by bib number, and target individuals who love the sport, love our products and just love to rip whenever and wherever possible...  Sure we love racers too (we do, right?) - sure we do (Go Bode!), but our Riders more fairly represent the broader demographic that makes up skiing today.  On the left are just a few of the Riders I'm talking about; among them are Wiley, AD and LJ who star in some of the world's biggest ski movies - AK a lead guide for H2O in Valdez - Joi & Basti, both upcoming amatuer backcountry/freeride rippers - a pair of German National Team Bumpers - Farmer Dave who's art of farming powder lines is unreal - to a couple top level Austrian ski instructors - and rounded out with some local talent...  Check back often as this list continues to expand throughout the season or visit us on Facebook to read and watch what some of ‘em have been up to recently… www.facebook.com/DaleBootskiboots


Check out this smokin' vid of DaleBoot Rider Wiley Miller, as seen in "After Dark" by Level 1 Productions: www.youtube.com/wiley miller


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DaleBoot Josef Pirchl Str.10
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