Over 40 Years of Innovation...

Since 1969, DaleBoot has been singularly focused on manufacturing high performance, custom made ski boots; leading the industry in terms of innovation, with 14 patents issued in our name since our inception....

Ever heard of or skied in a foam injected liner?  You knew you were skiing in a DaleBoot patent, right?  That's right, patent number 3,581,412 -
covering both two part non-expanding urethane elastomer and gas expanding urethane foam was issued to DaleBoot back on June 1st 1971 (nineteen seventy-one or 40 years ago..!)?  Check out the picures above...

We left that technology behind years ago as better materials became more widely available allowing us to produce more comfortable, better fitting and warmer liners. Check out the product section for more detail, but suffice it to say that our
three distinct liner options, in combination with a properly sized shell, work together to enhance blood flow, maintain consistent foot temperature, and greatly improve both overall fit and performance.  

Our innovation has been driven by our passion to solve the very real problems people experience while skiing.  While other manufacturers focus on pumping out volume, our focus is on the skier; improving your performance, fit and comfort.

Our history is long, filled with innovation and passion; it's that very passion that separates us from the many other manufacturers out there.  We posted some highlights above - hope you enjoy them and check back often as this list will most certainly continue to grow as the company reaches more milestones in our quest to provide each of our customers with the very best in comfort and performance...

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