Looking forward to the winter, but not your ski boots..?

Skiing is a funny sport as the majority of all skiers simply accept that their equipment needs to hurt.  It’s crazy, it doesn’t happen in any other sport, and the question needs to be asked as to how skiers have come to accept such utter nonsense?!  Off the shelf ski boots, made for the “perfect foot” (is there one?), and then “fit” by individuals who just don’t have a clue are at the very root of this problem.

DaleBoot has been manufacturing fully customized, high performance ski boots since 1969.  This has been our singular focus, and we’ll guarantee your fit with a liner and a shell that’s 100% customized to your individual spec’s. Not only will it fit better, but you’ll ski better..!  How? In addition to the customization, we perform a thorough athletic assessment to determine stance balance requirements and then provide each skier with neutral fore/aft and lateral stance balancing within the boot and on the ski.  This allows you and your muscles to focus on what’s important – skiing and having fun... 

This season is the season to reject the notion that a ski boot needs to hurt in order to perform.  Put the fun back into the sport; perform at your best and ski in comfort with DaleBoot.

Streifzug Kitzbühel - Winter 10/11 (German and English Text)

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Kitzbühler Anzeiger - Dec 2010

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Since 1969 - Still the Best Thing Next to Your Foot..!


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