Aaron Karitis

Aaron Karitis grew up in Bend, Oregon where he was making his first turns at Mt. Bachelor about the same time he was taking his first steps.  Karitis, now owns Pulseline Adventure, which specializes in adventure and guided travel for ski, surf and fish trips on a global scope.  The new venture is comprised of travel industry experts, certified and seasoned guides, reputable worldwide operations and lodges and the unique combination and blend of these components working together in motion.  Karitis has been working in the heli ski industry for 10 years, nine of which have been in the famed Chugach Range of Alaska, which he considers the pinnacle of the sport.  He has logged well over 200 days of heli-ski guiding in Alaska and has scouted and developed big mountain and powder camps in Argentina and Japan.  His experience is further highlighted by an excellent safety record, numerous first descents and collaborations with industry’s biggest film production companies on feature-length videos including Brain Farm Productions “That’s It, That’s All”, Matchstick Productions “Claim”, and Standard Films, “Black Winter” and “Global Storming”.  Karitis has also appeared on the cover of Powder Magazine (October 2008).  When not skiing, the 30-year-old can be found on a Central Oregon golf course or in a warm body of water doing what he says is the closest thing to skiing…surfing. 

We’re pumped to have Aaron on board with DaleBoot and look forward to including his passion and knowledge into our future product development.


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